Friday, April 3, 2009


I was recently in the company of my Mother and 2 Sisters for an exciting week of sisterly love and enjoyment in the big state of Idaho. (Lava Hot Springs population 512 to be exact)
I must admit it was a wonderful week of relaxation and fun.
We have started trying to get together for a visit of just us every 2 years and this is our second trip. We had to fit it in while my sister Ben is still on leave before she starts her job in Provo at BYU in 2 weeks.It's fun to just be the girls all grown up. My baby sister is 10 years younger than I am and was only 8 when I left home and moved to Texas.
It has been years since I was up in Lava and I'm not even sure if I was remembering it correctly.
We rented a house The Strawberry Fields Home a few blocks from the main hot pools. We had purchased big fluffy robes and went down to the pools once or twice a day while we were there.
When we weren't at the pools we were watching all of our favorite movies (Jane Austin, and Elizabeth Gaskell) and playing games and reading entertaining books. I think I finished 4
We didn't watch TV or hear the news for a whole week.
We visited and talked story, diets, and families for 7 days.
My darling husband sent us some of the most beautiful roses. We watched them open and most thoroughly enjoyed them. Thanks Mark from Mom, Ben, Holly and I.
It rained the sun came out and temperature rose to a balmy 78 one day and down into the 30's the next. It snowed and stuck (not something I have seen much of these last 25 years)It is an amazing feeling to be sitting in a hot pool 112 degrees and watch the snow fall and feel it land on your back just to sizzle away. Then to feel the steam rise as the temperature outside falls and the breeze blows across the pool.

We also took a short trip into Pocatello to Walmart for supplies, I want you to know I didn't go find my missionary that happens to be in Pocatello right now, but we did get some groceries for him and dropped them off at the Mission office. We were able to meet the Sweats serving in the mission office and hear that he bore his testimony just an hour before at a meeting they had been attending. We also got to see the mission board and amazing amount of information on the mission board. My Sister noticed there were a lot of missionaries from Texas.

One night we went into Soda Springs which boasts the largest captive geyser in the world and was featured in "Ripley's Believe It or Not." The geyser, in downtown Soda Springs, erupts every hour on the hour and is kinda smelly.

All in all the scenery was beautiful, the weather was beautiful, and the company very enjoyable. The pools were hot, the snow cold, the people nice and helpful, the sisters and mother fun, and the family home sick. Sorry Mark

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